Concord Decorative Window Films
What you need to know

Concord offers several different decorative window films designed to add an appealing architectural look and function to your windows.  Our most popular films are the Frost Matte Series.  These films are translucent (as opposed to transparent) which means that although they do transmit light, you can not discern objects behind them.

In addition, we also offer Blackout & Whiteout Films which are opaque.  On this page we have several examples of these films to give you a good idea of how they look.  Concord also offers a line of Transparent Color Films (Yellow, Green, Red & Blue).

Frosted Matte Films - "Etched & Sandblasted Look"  Available in White, Bronze, Grey & Silver


White Frost Matte Film

Our best selling decorative film has thousands of applications.  From shower doors, to office partitions these films will add a touch of class to your windows.

Frost matte films are excellent for privacy applications, but be aware that you will not be able to see in or out of these films.  They allow light to pass thru, but you will not be able to see objects thru this film in either direction.

Some common applications for Frost Matte Films:

  • Bathroom Windows & Doors
  • Gymnasiums & Locker Rooms
  • Dressing Areas
  • Office Partitions
  • Waiting Rooms
  • Front Door Side Windows

Frosted Films are approved for application to double pane (thermal insulated) windows up to
40 square feet in size.

In addition to the traditional White Frost Matte, we also offer Frost Matte in 3 additional colors.


Blackout Film - Zero Visibility (For Single Pane Windows Only)
Blackout Film

Blackout = 0% Light Transmission

Blackout films completely block the transmission of all visible light.  You can not see in or out of these films no matter what the ambient lighting conditions are.

Blackout films should not be applied to double pane (thermal insulated windows) which are exposed to sunlight.  This may cause overheating and rupture of the seals.


Whiteout Film - Zero Visibility (For Single & Double Pane Windows)


Whiteout Film

In this example (on right) we see Whiteout Film blocking a display window that is being redesigned. 

This is one of many uses for this type of film.  In this case, the Whiteout Film is being used to block the view of the work in progress on the display window.  Once the work is complete, the film can be removed and the merchandise will then be on display.

Whiteout Films are approved for application to double pane (thermal insulated) windows up to
40 square feet in size.


Color Transparent Films
Concord Color Transparent Films turn ordinary glass into a decorative color pane without hindering the visibility.
Click on the color name to see sizes and pricing.
Concord Yellow Concord Green Concord Red Concord Blue